Cooking with CBD Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is getting a buzz in the world of natural health. This cannabis derivative is thought to have numerous health benefits sans the psychoactive properties that produce the sense of ‘high’ when you consume cannabis. According to Depression Health, one of the widely known uses of CBD oil is for treatment of depression and anxiety. CBD is also thought to help treat seizures, chronic pain, diabetes, and sleep disorder.

How to use CBD

There are different ways of consuming CBD. Vaporizers, smoking, and edibles are the most popular methods of using cannabis derivatives. It is also used as an ingredient for making a wide range of products such as hair care, skin care, and beauty products. And since CBD is not considered a controlled substance, buying and selling CBD oil has become a lot easier.

For those who want to gain the benefits of CBD, an easy way of enjoying it is through cooking or creating CBD-infused edibles. This is especially true for those who don’t want to smoke or use a vaporizer. CBD edibles are also a great option for people taking CBD medicinally and want some variety.

One of the easiest to make are the CBD-infused smoothies. They are very popular because they are easy to create and the internet is replete with recipes. A CBD smoothie is just like your favorite smoothie recipe except that it contains a few drops of CBD oil. Loaded with fruits, yogurt, and leafy greens, these smoothies are packed with nutrients.

There are also numerous meals that you can cook with CBD oil. Some easy recipes where you can add CBD oil include pasta, curry, chips, and even salad dressing.

5 Things to Remember when Cooking With CBD Oil

Whenever you’re cooking CBD edibles, you want to make sure that they’re safe and give the best results possible. Here are some important reminders to guide you when cooking with CBD oil.

Get it from a reliable source

Only buy from a legal and reliable CBD oil supplier. With the popularity of CBD oil, you can certainly find numerous sellers. However, some of these sources might not offer you pure, accurately measured and reliably tested CBD oil. Make sure to choose one with positive reviews and proven track record.

Read through different sellers or brands and compare them based on where the hemp comes from, bioavailability, extraction methods, and the environmental practices of the company. Make sure that they have adequate permits from authorities.

Begin with a sample batch

If you are creating your own CBD-infused recipe, you can start with small proportions of whatever recipe you’re cooking. This will help you see how the CBD oil can affect the overall taste, consistency and look of the meal. Once you’ve found the right amount of ingredients and CBD oil, you can finalize the recipe and make larger quantities of food.

Keep cooking temperature in mind

When cooking with CBD oil, it is important to pay attention to temperature. Take note that CBD oil begins to evaporate once the temperature reaches 320 degrees. Make sure that your recipe doesn’t require high cooking temperature so CBD oil can be safely prepared and consumed. If possible, try to keep the temperature low when cooking to retain the amount of CBD in the food.

Know what your recipe needs

CBD oil comes in different formulations, strength or ingredients. Make sure that you get a CBD oil product that is compatible or works well with your recipe. The first thing to look into is whether the oil is made of fat- or oil-based ingredients. If your recipe doesn’t need oil, you can try mixing cannabis concentrate with small amounts of liquor such as vodka and rum.

Proper storage

Finally, make sure that you store CBD oil properly to prevent it from evaporating, changing its taste, and causing issues with your food. Take note that CBD is light and heat sensitive, so make sure it is stored in a dark, cool place. CBD-infused edibles are also best consumed right after preparation. If it is not to be consumed immediately, better store it in a sealed container and placed in a dark area.

Cooking with CBD oil is a great way of enjoying the health benefits of CBD. Make the most out of this great cannabis derivative by following these five vital tips. Happy cooking!


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