Dress for Success: Our Tips

Dressing right is one of the highly important success factors for both men and women. In the modern world, the first impression can make or break a business relationship. Meanwhile, proper attire can inspire and encourage co-workers, employees, and bosses.

Knowing how to dress for success can make your goals move closer. We asked NY success life coach, Liana Khutsurauli to share a few dressing tips for men and women who are looking to change their lives and businesses for the better.

1. Pay Special Attention To The Colors

Whether you are going to an interview or planning a business meeting, the color of your attire must show confidence, balance, and calmness. Anything too bright can distract the attention from your words and contribute to the wrong impression.

Remember, bright and showy colors are unlikely to bring you success unless you are auditioning for a role in the circus. Solid colors are always a better choice than complicated patterns. They radiate confidence and self-assurance while wild patterns often look frivolous.

If you like red color, replace it with orange or reddish brown. Red screams aggression. If you want to wear black, make sure you mix it with dark blue. Purely black outfits are too dramatic.

The following colors are great for dressing for success:

  • Burgundy
  • Dark orange
  • Dark blue
  • Dark green
  • Gray

2. Customize Your Suit

Have you ever had a tailor create an outfit specifically for you? If not, the time has come. A suit that fits your body ideally can help you make an excellent impression. Yes, investing in a custom-made suit may empty out your wallet, but the money you’ll make with its assistance is even more formidable.

Wearing a suit which is too large or too small is a disaster for anyone who wants to appear confident, trustworthy, and powerful. If you aren’t sure the suit fits you perfectly, don’t buy it. Always get a second opinion about the suit. This is true for both men and women.

Tailor-made suits are an excellent way out of the outfit problem. They always look ideal.

3. Avoid Tattoos, Piercings, Unusual Hairstyles

It may seem unfair, but dressing for success still follows the rules of the 19th century. If you are thinking of a high position in a company or want to make a powerful impression on your employee, a mohawk is unlikely to help you do it.

Today, 4 out of 10 US adults have at least one tattoo, but it doesn’t mean you have to show yours off. If it’s possible to hide a tattoo under the clothing, do it. If you have an unusual facial piercing, you may want to consider saying goodbye to it at work or at least during important meetings.

There isn’t anything bad about showing off your individuality.  However, how many high-positioned individuals have you seen walking around with pierced tongues?

4. Dress Like The President

The key to dressing for success is to dress like a person you want to become. Look at how the important people in this world look and follow suit. Have you ever seen Mr. President wearing anything more frivolous than a red tie? Or did you notice the Secretary of State showing off any tattoos?

Becoming a copycat can be an excellent idea to get you started. Meanwhile, dressing like someone successful adds you plenty of confidence, allowing you to come closer to your goals.


Dressing for success involves choosing the right colors, avoiding unusual hairstyles and tattoos, and always wearing a well-suited outfit. By following these simple rules, you have higher chances of becoming successful.

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