Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Picking the best gift for a middle or high schooler isn’t always easy. While a cheque proves the easiest and safest gift you can give them, opening a card isn’t at all the same as unwrapping a gift that they’ll be able to use for a long time. From tees to iPhone accessories, this list will surely provide you with gift ideas for the ‘hard to please’ teens.

Vintage tees

Graphic tees with vintage vibe are very trendy nowadays. Teens simply love to wear t-shirts as it works well in their active lifestyle.

Hoodie or jacket

Every teen will love to get a hoodie or jacket for their wardrobe. Two-color Varsity Base jackets with minimalistic design remain very fashionable. There are cuts and styles for both girls and boys.

Portable charger or power bank

A very practical gift for the ultra-busy teen, a portable charger or power bank can help ensure their phone is powered throughout the day. There are a lot of different types and capacities of portable chargers and power banks out there.

Smart speaker

High school or college kids will definitely enjoy a digital assistant in their room. Echo Dot is the perfect tandem with your digital assistant Alexa. With this smart speaker, you can ask about the weather, make calls, play your favorite music, and even control connected smart devices. No wonder smart speakers are among popular gifts for teens.


A lot of things are happening in the life of a teen. Having a journal can help them sort out their life and juggle through all their tasks and roles. There are a lot of great-looking and stylish journals out there that are specifically designed for teens.

Tool kit

Perfect for teen boys (and girls, too!), a tool set, complete with basic home repair tools, is what they need as they transition to adulthood. Hopefully, giving them tools will encourage them to learn basic home or car repair skills – which they will certainly need in the future.

Vanity set

The vanity set is composed of basic beauty accessories, like brush sets, lipstick, powder, etc. Teen girls love to glam up, especially during balls and night outs. They simply love to feel beautiful. Giving them a vanity set will certainly be appreciated.


Aside from looking good, teens also love smelling fresh and fragrant. They can drown themselves in perfume. If you give them perfume, for sure, they’ll be eternally grateful. You can ask the help of the perfume store attendant when picking the scent. Both boys and girls love fragrances so you’ll never go wrong with perfume as a gift.

Phone case

A phone case may be simple but it’s a very thoughtful gift. This is a great gift especially if you know the smartphone your teen is using. Phone cases come in different designs. has a wide array of unique and personalized phone cases designed for teens.

Starter ukulele or guitar

Teenage years are the best time to learn an instrument. A starter ukulele or guitar is a nice gift idea. Of course, you want to give this to a teen that is musically-inclined or at least has expressed an interest in music.

Something related to their hobbies

Does a person enjoy game streaming? Present him a microphone or a headphones set. It’s not necessary should be a professional one like DPA Condenser Microphones, but there’s a lot semi-professional models to choose from. You can always find something in a teen’s field of interest.

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