Housewarming Gift Ideas

So you’ve been invited to a housewarming party but you’re unsure about what to bring? Don’t spoil the party by bringing some gifts that are otherwise awkward to receive on such a fun event or scream “re-gift me”.

Before you head to a friend’s place to celebrate his or her new home, make sure to check our list of amazing housewarming gift ideas.

A bottle of wine, a set of wine glasses, and a corkscrew

What better way to celebrate this milestone than popping bottles! Wine may be very common but it’s the safest gift you can bring to a housewarming party. The new homeowners would definitely love to share a glass with their friends. You can include a set of wine glasses and a fancy corkscrew (maybe an electric one) to complete your gift. Every time they use your wine glasses, they’ll surely be reminded of the housewarming and your presence.

A key keeper

Very unique and useful, a key keeper is something the new homeowner would be very grateful for. The new home comes with new keys for all the doors, drawers and cabinets. However, it’s amazing how easy they can go missing. With a key keeper, you can keep all the keys organized and stored.

A basket of kitchen staples

Another practical gift for a housewarming party, a basket of kitchen staples is most welcome. Some good items to include in your basket are cooking oil, pepper, dried oregano leaves, vinegar, dried legumes or beans, tomato sauce, rice blend, and pasta. You can choose a pretty basket that can still be used as a countertop display for fresh fruits or flowers.

Floor accents

Doormats, place carpets or rugs make a good gift for new homeowners. Usually, floor accents are the least priorities of first-time homeowners. So, giving them as gifts would unburden them of the need to look for one. These pieces are also very versatile and can be used in whatever part of the house.

Home repair kit

As your friend moves into a new house, he or she will most likely need a simple home repair kit. A tool set comes in handy in case they need to make minor repairs, hang shelves, and complete some DIY projects. Your handy basic set can include nails, screws, hammer, measuring tape, and a screwdriver set.

Indoor greenery

Plants are also very symbolic and practical. They bring in life to the house, upgrade the ambiance and improve indoor air quality.

However, you need to be careful when gifting greeneries, especially when choosing the plant. Some plants may require intensive care that the recipient may be unable to meet. Choose low-maintenance greeneries and make sure that the receiver loves plants and has time to take care of them.

Scented candles

Candles are very common gifts for housewarming events because they are both symbolic and practical. They symbolize the gift of warmth and light for your friend’s new abode. When placed in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, scented candles can help keep the space smelling fragrant and clean at all times. In case the recipient doesn’t like scented candles or lighting candles is prohibited, possible alternatives are essential oil diffuser, humidifier or air freshener.

Monogrammed décor

Get a little personal by giving them monogrammed home décor. These are very unique home decors that can add beauty and sophistication to your friend’s new home. Aside from decors, other home items can be monogrammed such as doormats, pillows, napkins, towels, and even kitchen items such as bowls, cutting boards or these cool salt and pepper shakers by Gessato! Your friend will definitely love the extra effort and time you’ve put in.

Good luck charms

If your friend believes in superstitions, good luck charms for homes are ideal gifts. There are tons of emblems and house decors that are believed to bring in good luck to homes. Some examples are the Feng Shui charms, icons, and lucky plants. However, be careful when giving such gifts to avoid offending their religious beliefs.

A wall hanging

Wall hanging is another gift idea where you can add some personal touch. Instead of spending money on some expensive artworks, you can paint a canvas or create your own artwork. Have it framed up and you’ve got a special gift to mark your friend’s first day in their new home.

When it comes to housewarming presents, you want them to be personal and memorable! There are lots of other wonderful gift ideas out there. Find out what your friend likes and choose something you know they’ll most likely need at this point in their life.


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