How Technology is Changing the Fashion Industry

Technology has been changing our society in many ways. In recent years, we’ve seen how technology has dabbled in the world of fashion. The Internet, E-commerce, virtual reality, wearables, and many other technologies are shaping this industry in a myriad of ways.

The digital era has paved the way for the evolution of the fashion industry. From supply chain management to marketing and sales, through design and production, the impact of technology is undeniable. Businesses are forced to adapt to these technological developments or be rendered obsolete and uncompetitive.

Here we take a look at how some technologies are changing the fashion industry.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social channels have a tremendous power in influencing consumer behavior and decision-making process. A study noted that 35 percent of millennial women consider social media as the top influencer when it comes to clothing purchases.

The way fashion models are chosen has also changed. For example, Kendal Jenner has been tapped by Estee Lauder as their face not entirely because of her talent or allure but due to her millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. The immense influence of social media has compelled fashion businesses to jump on the bandwagon.

Over recent years, social networking channels, particularly Facebook, have also created personalized data-driven advertising that specifically targets ads to consumers most likely to make a purchase. This has enabled fashion labels to reach a wider audience.


Online shopping is the new norm and fashion retailers need to adapt to it. Establishing an online presence, setting up an e-commerce site, launching an app, digital marketing, and other e-commerce activities have become indispensable. Alongside the migration of transactions to the digital space, fashion brands and retailers need to ensure an efficient IT infrastructure. An IT specialist at Bedrock IT company from Ottawa emphasized that having a reliable IT system is critical in ensuring seamless operations of any business, including those in the fashion industry.

Through e-commerce, brands can reach consumers on a global scale. There are a lot of low-cost ways for new and emerging brands to tap their target audience. For the consumers, e-commerce has made retail purchases easier, hassle-free and more convenient. It has also made purchasing of international labels more accessible wherever you are in the world.


In less than a decade, smartphones have become a game-changer. Mobile gadgets have made the Internet widely available to users. Majority of consumers now have smartphones.  They can shop, purchase and review items just with the use of their smartphones. To be able to reach this growing consumer base, it is crucial for fashion retailers to establish their presence in the mobile world.

Virtual shopping

A drawback with online fashion retail is the fact that consumers cannot physically fit the clothing. A variety of companies are now developing technologies that would enable an ever-more precise way to measure the buyer’s dimensions. Some companies are even working on creating digital stores that allow you to tour their retail shop in 3D.


While the Google Glass was tepidly received in the market, other gadgets in the wearables category are gaining more followers and users. As such, wearable technology is seen to eclipse with the fashion industry. These wearable gadgets hope to free us from the endless swiping and checking of our smartphones. From a Bluetooth-enabled cocktail ring to smartwatches to tech-embedded jewelry, we can expect the fashion world to develop innovative new devices that will make our digital lives more seamless.

Final thoughts

Overall, technology has completely revolutionized the fashion industry. From how clothing is designed through how it is produced to how we buy it, the impact of technology is hard to miss. As new technologies emerge, consumers can expect a more personalized experience that will meet their needs.

Technology is transforming the fashion world in ways we never imagined before. And as technology continues to evolve, we can only expect bolder and better evolution in the future. For fashion retailers, it’s high time to embrace new technologies to stay competitive.

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