How To Keep Your Employees Motivated?

Employee motivation is a key component of any company’s success. Knowing how to keep your staff’s desire to work at its best can help you achieve tremendous results. However, motivation is tough to maintain. While numerous methods exist, only a few of them could be right for your employees.

With the retention rates being a huge issue for the majority of the world’s workplaces, motivation is becoming even more important. According to Gallup research, well-engaged teams show 21% bigger profitably.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to keep your employees motivated.

1. Set Up A Reward System

To boost your employees’ motivation, you need to work out a good recognition and rewards system. Salary shouldn’t be the only reward for your staff’s efforts.

You can implement an employee appreciation program. It involves a system of points your staff gets for demonstrating positive qualities, improving company culture, learning new things, helping others, and more. At the end of the month, you can count the points and allow employees to exchange them for prizes. They could vary from coffee mugs with company logos to extra days off.

2. Show Appreciation

To motivate your employees, you need to show that you care about them. For that, you have to invest time and money in appreciation. It could involve celebrating birthdays, rewarding for achievements outside the workplace (losing weight, learning a new language, winning a sports competition), giving days off when the person is going through serious family problems, etc.

3. Pay for Training and Learning

Employees can be highly motivated when they understand that they are vital to the company’s success. You can show that you are investing in their professional development by paying for training. Since learning and training within the workplace could be distracting, it’s better to arrange them at a training center.

Specifically set up company training centers in Riga and other cities can be an excellent place for employees to learn and interact with other professionals.

4. Set Smaller Goals

It’s important for employees to grasp the importance of what the company is doing. However, large and vague goals hinder their motivation. When you set smaller goals, which can be achieved in weeks rather than months or years, your staff is likely to show more enthusiasm in reaching them.

5. Act Enthusiastic

As a manager or an executive, you must be highly motivated and enthusiastic. Since you are setting an example for your employees, it’s hard to expect them to be motivated when you are gloomy. Your goal is to inspire them.

6. Say “Thank You”

Many employers tend to note mistakes but take good work for granted. Make sure to notice how well individuals (not teams!) do their job and thank them for it. You’ll be surprised to learn that a simple “thank you, I appreciate it” heard from a boss goes a long way.

The majority of motivational steps isn’t expensive or time-consuming. All you have to do is some extra planning. You could start reaping the benefits immediately. 

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