Start a New Sport In 2019

What better way to greet the New Year than by starting a new sport. Physical activity has a myriad of benefits from boosting physical and mental health to learning interpersonal skills.

Sport is for everyone. It’s never too late to start a sport. However, learning a new sport can be a bit intimidating.

Here are some things you can do before taking up a new activity:

  • Read about the sport you intend to learn.
  • Know about the rules, gameplay, accessories, and gears.
  • Watch videos to see if you are physically capable of engaging in that sport.
  • Check out available sporting clubs, forums or a local community center where you can ask questions and participate later on.
  • Look for a friend or an acquaintance that plays the sport.
  • Visit the sports venue and watch the actual game.
  • Get acquainted with the players. Ask if you can join in as a beginner.

Everyone, even the best players, started as a beginner. Don’t feel intimidated when you are just beginning to learn the ropes. You can modify the sport to fit your physical ability. You can begin learning the sport by watching videos and then trying them at home. If the game requires some accessories, you can either borrow or buy one which you can use at home. With constant practice, you will become more confident and ready to play with other players.

Here are some examples of sports you can try and some advice on how to learn them.

  • If you want to learn golf, you can visit a local golf course and watch some players. You can rent out a set of golf clubs and accessories, and play in a beginner course. Tag a friend along to ease the feelings of intimidation. Soon you’ll need accessories like golf shoes from TheGolfSociety, golf balls, golf clubs as well as golfing attire.
  • If you want to learn basketball, you can borrow a basketball and learn dribbling. You can do this at your garage or any open space. Later, you can visit a community center and try shooting some hoops. Basketball is quite a popular sport and you can surely find and play with basketball enthusiasts in your area.
  • If you want to learn biking, you should first learn how to balance. This is a great video about how to ride a bike. You can ask a friend to assist you in learning how to balance on a bike. This is not an easy skill to learn but once you get it, it should be a smooth ride. There are lots of available resources online about biking accessories and stuff. However, make sure you start with beginner bikes.
  • If you want to learn triathlon, read about the sport and the equipment needed. You can begin with jogging and soon advance to other elements of the sport such as biking and swimming. You can ask your friends, family or coworkers if they are interested in joining you.

Finally, never let the feelings of intimidation hinder you from exploring your potentials and enjoying the world. Unless contraindicated by your health or physical limitations, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from starting a new sport.

Learn a sport that you’ve never done before and consider it an achievement. This year you can try everything you’ve always wanted to try!


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