Why You Should Plan Asphalt Paving for the Summer

Asphalt paving is a time-consuming and complicated process, which requires a special approach. Depending on the area you have to pave and the plans you have for the surface, you can make your asphalt pavement plans.

In order to achieve excellent results when paving asphalt, it’s important to consider weather conditions and several other factors. The majority of asphalt paving experts recommend summer as the perfect season for the job. Let’s find out why.

1. Hot and Dry Weather

According to specialists at ABC Paving & Sealcoating, the hotter the weather is, the better it is to lay the pavement. The curing time is reduced, which improves the overall speed of the process. If you want the job done fast, choose hot and dry days.

Asphalt paving under the rain is highly ineffective. The chances of rain during the warm season are not as high as in the spring, fall or winter.

2. Long Working Hours

If you have a large project, asphalt paving can take many days. Paving the asphalt during dark hours is possible. However, efficiency may suffer. A small mistake made during the process may turn into lower asphalt integrity, potholes, and other unpleasant consequences.

During the summer, the number of daylight hours increases, so the workers can finish large projects faster.

3. Getting Ready for the Winter

Harsh winter weather takes its toll on asphalt pavement. If you fail to lay or replace it in the summer, the weather elements can lead to formidable problems during the winter. Meanwhile, fixing asphalt in the winter is not as efficient due to wet and cold weather.

When the weather is cold and rainy, the asphalt paving job is much more complicated and costly. So it makes sense to avoid it by taking preventive measures.

4. Seal Coating

When you lay asphalt in the summer, you have the opportunity to apply seal coating, which improves the quality of the surface and makes it more resistant to the elements. If you opt for seal coating in the winter, you are unlikely to get a warranty from the contractor.

5. Cost Cutting

Since the summer offers longer working hours, the contractors can group several projects together. This can help you get formidable discounts. Starting September, the contractors insist on fixed prices and may even raise them according to the demand.

6. High Overnight Temperatures

High overnight temperatures during the summer allow the asphalt to cure quickly, shortening the time it takes to finish the project. The overall drying process is substantially shorter during the hot summer days than it is in any other season.

Final Thoughts

If you want to cut costs, shorten the drying time, and get ready for winter, you have to hire asphalt paving contractors in the summer. Even though they can do their job during other seasons as well, the service life of the pavement may suffer.

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