7 House Cleaning Tips

When it comes to keeping the house clean, every homeowner has their own tricks. However, the majority of them agrees that they’d rather not do it at all. The time it takes to take care of your home doesn’t just depend on its size and the number of people living in it. The right approach can make a difference between a long hassle and a slight effort.

Before you cringe at the thought of one more cleaning coming up, consider the below tips shared by workers at Jersey City cleaning services. You may be surprised at how much easier they will make your life.

1. Declutter One Day At A Time

The more stuff you have lying around, the harder it is to clean the room. Decorative elements such as cups, vases, music boxes or whatever else you have standing on the surfaces collect dust and require time for moving them in order to do the cleaning.

Take a big garbage bag and walk around your home to get rid of the things you don’t really need. Did you know that minimalism is trendy these days?

2. Get A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The 21st century is here and the machines are doing many chores for us. Why not delegate the vacuuming to one of them? An automatic vacuum cleaner can work all day long while you are going about your business. While it doesn’t remove all the dust from the corners, it can substantially reduce the cleaning effort you make.

If you have a large house, you may want to consider investing in a couple of these machines. They really make a difference.

3. Give Your Bathroom A Daily Touch-Up

A bathroom is usually the dirtiest place in the whole house, especially if you have many household members. Giving a quick wipe of the bathroom surfaces every day can help you avoid lengthy scrubbing, bad odors, and unpleasant residues.

Consider switching from bar to liquid soap. Liquid soap dispensers keep the sink neat without forming the residue a bar soap does.

4. Get Everyone Involved

It’s not fair to have one person doing all the house cleaning. Each household member should have their own responsibilities. Delegating the work to other people can make cleaning faster and less frustrating.

If you think a 3-year-old kid can’t do any cleaning, you are mistaken. Even a toddler can do a few chores, such as dusting or at least arranging toys in an orderly fashion.

5. Ask For Professional Assistance

Having someone else do the job for you is a dream come true. However, not everyone can afford to hire cleaners on a regular basis. Inviting a professional house cleaner for a day once a month or at least once in two months can make a huge difference.

Once the experts do their job of thoroughly cleaning your home, you’ll be touching up for the rest of the time between the cleanings.

6. Get Rid Of The Dust Collectors

If you want to reduce your house cleaning efforts, get rid of the dust collectors. Replace drapes with shutters or window film, reduce the number of pillows, try to say no to throw rugs, and the like.

The fewer things you have collecting dust, the easier you’ll breathe while cleaning. By the way, all these dust collectors can lead to respiratory problems.

7. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The amount of money you spend on cleaning solutions can be overwhelming. The number of chemicals present inside them is scary. It’s entirely possible to clean the whole house with water, vinegar, and baking soda.

Such eco-friendly cleaning products do an excellent job while protecting you from respiratory problems and allergies.

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